Waveny trail run on 16 Dec 2018 on overcast, rainy, freezing day

Training recap #2 as of Dec 16, 2018

Previous training recap #1 covers initial 500 miles before injuries.

Training recap #2 covers 3 weeks from November 26 to December 16, 2018.

Week 1: Hernia Surgery

On Tuesday, November 27, my inguinal hernia was repaired with laparoscopic surgery in Stamford Hospital, Connecticut. I was not able to exercise for 2 weeks following surgery. The goal this week was to rest, recover, and manage pain and swelling.

Week 2: Post-Surgery

Starting the 2nd week after surgery, on Monday, December 3, I stretched every other day using a yoga mat and rope (see Phil Wharton, Active Isolated Flexibility, or “AIF”) to rebuild strength and mobility without using any weights.

Week 3: Off and Running

Starting the 3rd week after surgery, on Monday, December 10, my surgeon cleared me during a post-op visit to resume exercise. I celebrated with a slow, 1-mile jog at Waveny park. My goal this week was to resume short, easy running, and add core and strength exercises (body weight, free weights, kettlebell), while continuing with the rope stretching (AIF). I ran Monday and Tuesday, rested Wednesday through Friday, and ran Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, December 16, I ran 2 miles at Waveny park on trails in 16:56 (8:43, 8:13).

3-Week Look-Back

For the just completed 3rd week, I ran an aggregate 5 miles over 4 days, with each run preceded by the lunge matrix and leg swings (see Coach Jay Johnson), and at the completion of each run, I stretched at home (AIF). In addition, I completed 3 core sessions and 3 free weight sessions, slowly ramping up weight and repetitions, but being conservative given my hernia surgery.

Good Start, Long Way to Go

These are baby-steps for sure, and documenting and sharing as part of my journey back to physical, emotional and mental health. Overall I am excited to be able to run, as re-integrating running into my life has been a goal to help me through separation, divorce, healing, and rediscovery. There is no better medicine than being out in nature, pursuing a life-long passion, and feeling the sense of accomplishment at the end of a run.

Thank you.

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