Running Goals 2019-2020

Setting Goals 2.0

This is the time for New Year’s resolutions, right? About 48 hours to go! It’s fun to dream and set goals that initially may appear to be out of reach, to set the bar high and challenge myself. I use goals as motivational fuel on good days and bad. As I’ve written, I am running through emotional pain following my separation and divorce. Goals are the milestones on my journey of healing and rediscovery. They keep me grounded and moving forward.

Here are my running goals. Please leave a comment below, and let me know what you think, and feel free to share your goals (running-related or not).

2019 Running Goals

Coming back from a stress reaction and hernia surgery, I’ll focus on building a solid foundation and probably not race during the winter and spring. Yep, my indoor track goals are out the window. Building a solid foundation requires staying healthy and taking a holistic approach to training, recovery and adaptation.

On the Track

  • Run 2:15 for 800 meters on the track at the CT Masters Games on May 18 at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium in Willowbrook Park, New Britain, CT.
  • Run 5:00 for the mile on the track at the Nutmeg State Games on July 13 at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium.

On the Trails

  • Planning to spend two weeks in Switzerland next summer, and running the 40th annual 25K Engadin Summer Run at about 6,000 feet altitude on August 18. The 25K (15.63 mile) run starts in Sils, and passes beautiful alpine towns Silvaplana, St. Moritz, Pontresina, and Celerina, before finishing in Samedan.

On the Road

  • Following the longish 25K in August, move to the road and shorten the distance to run 17:59 for the 5K Bigelow Tea Race in Southport, CT on September 29. Part of the course follows Jennings Beach with beautiful views of Long Island Sound.
  • End the 2019 season with my goal race, the SoNo Half-Marathon in South Norwalk, CT on October 19. Goal is to improve on my 1:29:16 PR at age 40 and run 1:20 at age 56.

2020 Running Goals

I will elevate my goals and go long in 2020, and plan to run both a marathon and an ultramarathon.

On the Road

  • Returning to the site of my very first marathon as a 17-year old high school runner and crawling across the finish line in 3:12, I want to run 2:45 in the New Jersey Marathon in Monmouth Park, Oceanport, NJ on April 26. It is an ambitious goal to run almost 30 minutes faster, 40 years later.

On the Trails

  • End the 2020 season with my goal race, the 100-mile Yeti ultramarathon on the scenic Virginia Creeper Trail between Abingdon and Whitetop, Virginia, on September 25, 2020. To say I will learn a lot about myself, both training and running this endurance race, is an understatement.

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