Waveny trail run on 20 Jan 2019 through slush and ice

Training Recap #5 as of Jan 27, 2019

Training recap #5 covers two weeks from January 14 to January 27, 2019. The previous training recap #4 summarized my challenges attempting to run in China. This training recap will be a tale of two halves (weeks 1 and 2).

Week 1: Returning from China

  • I failed to run on my China business trip. Lessons learned and shared in that post.
  • After a 48-hour recovery period once I returned home because of the 24 hour trip and jetlag, I was able to run consecutive 3-milers in Waveny Park on Saturday and Sunday. After my Sunday run, I added 20 minutes on my Sole SB700 spin bike (12K biking).
  • The Sunday run was physically and mentally tough. It snowed Saturday night, which turned into rain overnight, and with temperatures dropping on Sunday, everything froze. I was running 3 miles on the Waveny trails in about 2 inches of slush and ice, not only was the traction poor, but my toes were frozen and in pain (close to frostbite). See photo above.
  • Ended the week on a high note, and ready for the next week.

Week 2: Finally hitting my stride

  • My weekly goal was to run 15 miles on 5 days (2 days off). Goal accomplished.
  • Planned better for this business trip to Irvine and Salt Lake City in the middle of the week.
  • Monday was a day off, I ran Tuesday before driving to New York LGA airport, and Wednesday while in Irvine. Thursday was a day off because I was flying from Irvine to Salt Lake City, meeting a customer, and then flying back to New York LGA. I closed out the week by running 3 consecutive days from Friday through Sunday.
  • After my Sunday run, I again hopped on my spin bike, this time for 30 minutes and covered 20K biking.

Summary: First 15 mile week, and 50 miles into 2nd Training Block

  • On December 10, 2018, I started my 2nd training block following hernia surgery and a metatarsal stress reaction, and jogged 1 mile! 7 weeks later, I ran 15 miles on 5 days, and feel good!
  • Not counting the days off during the final days of my China trip, and my recovery days once back home, I ran 7 out of 9 days and averaged 3 miles per run for a total of 21 miles. On both Sundays, I prolonged the aerobic workout with biking immediately after my runs.
  • In addition, 4 workouts focused on core, strength and mobility. 16 core and strength workouts over the past 7 weeks (couldn’t do these workouts while in China). In addition to the core and strength workouts, before each run I would do the lunge matrix in 4 planes, and leg swings in 2 planes. Stretched after each run.
  • Making progress on building both my engine (cardiovascular system) as well as the chassis (bones and connective tissue) and control center (brain and nervous system).
  • Continuing the healing and rediscovery after divorce.

Thank you.


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