Running during snowstorm at night in Waveny Park, New Canaan

Small Wins Matter

Small wins lead to big goals. We meet obstacles in running and in everyday life. We can overcome what is put in our way, continue moving forward, and ultimately achieve our goals. Or we can take a step back, lose momentum and confidence, and think about what to do. Sometimes the obstacles are major, and we don’t have a choice. But often the obstacles are manageable, and overcoming these and calling it a “small win” will build the necessary confidence to continue and overcome even larger obstacles. Small wins build “muscle memory.”

Got a Light?

Last night I pulled my car into the Waveny Park lot as the snow continued to come down and blanket the trails and fields. Between the darkness and the falling snow, visibility was low, and my Fenix HL50 LED headlamp would show me the way. Or would it? As I pushed the rubber button on the side of the lamp, the LED bulb would flare up and then flame out. Dead battery. What to do at 8:35 pm in the middle of a snowstorm? It was tempting to call it a day, crawl into the warm car, and drive home. That thought lasted less than a second. Not happening. I will not let a dead battery defeat me, and prevent me from running and working towards my goals! Not! I pulled back out of the lot, and within a few minutes walked into the empty CVS pharmacy store in downtown New Canaan. I was the only customer in the store. It was me and the store manager. He quickly found the required 3V CR123A lithium battery, looked at me in disbelief, and asked “Are you really running in the dark and in the snowstorm? Shout out to you, mister! Let me ring you up, and get you on your way.”

Mission Accomplished!

After warming up with the lunge matrix and leg swings, I was feeling my footing in the snow and picking up my pace. The headlamp worked beautifully, and I enjoyed relaxing from a hard work day in New York City, and knowing I was the only human sharing Waveny Park that night with the deer, squirrels, and coyotes. The solitude in the woods, feeling the snow hit my face, lamp cutting through the darkness, steps dampened by the fresh snow, heart pumping as I was chugging up the hill, everything was totally awesome. This is why I run. And nothing, not a dead battery, was going to defeat me that night. Arriving back to my car, I took a last look out into the darkness as I shut down my lamp, and thought “that was a win, this will help me on my journey of healing from divorce, this will lead me to my goals.” Healing and rediscovery. Possible because I didn’t crawl back in the car. I ran and won.

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