Sunday brunch at Saltaire Oyster Bar, Port Chester, New York

Training Recap #7 as of Feb 24, 2019

Training recap #7 covers two weeks from February 11 to February 24, 2019. The previous training recap #6 describes how I’ve continued to build my foundation, and this period nicely builds on the prior period.

Before I review the past two weeks of training, I would like to explain the photo in the header of this post. Pictured is the Saltaire Oyster Bar in Port Chester, NY, housed in an old brick granary (grain storage warehouse). One of my more memorable food experiences was having Sunday Brunch at Saltaire’s this morning, and sharing a dozen fresh oysters (6 assorted types), followed by a seared yellowfin tuna BLT, and a couple glasses of dry Riesling white wine. Yum. No wonder the New York Times rates Saltaire “Excellent.”

Now onto our regular weekly programming…

Week 1: Extending the Long Run

  • Although the mileage increase from 15 to 16 miles (on 5 days of running) is modest, I accomplished the increase by extending my Sunday long run from 4 to 5 miles.
  • Over the past 3 weeks, my long run increased from 3 to 5 miles! Very stoked!
  • The snowstorm on Wednesday turned to ice in the evening, so I took off Wednesday instead of Thursday, and by Thursday the trails and fields were passable.
  • For my Sunday 5-miler, I ran 39:40 (sub-8) on the trails, and as on past Sundays, hopped on my spin bike after my run. I managed to “ride” for 45 minutes (wasn’t the most comfortable ride). Combined I completed about 1 hour 25 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Week 2: Sustained Progress

  • To increase the weekly mileage from 16 to 17 miles, I bumped Saturday’s run from 2 to 3 miles. I ran 4 days at 3 miles each, with a 5-mile long run on my fifth day, to achieve 17 miles.
  • I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday, and just like last week, it snowed on Wednesday. This time the colder temperatures prevented the trails from freezing over, but a dead headlamp battery almost derailed my run.
  • Overcoming headlamp challenge in the midst of a snowstorm and darkness was a small win. Being the lone runner out in the woods at night while snow was covering the trails and fields was a bonus.
  • Sunday was “rinse and repeat”. Having increased my Sunday long run last weekend to 5 miles, it was important that I sustain that run this week before considering another jump in my training. Heavy rains overnight flooded the trails and fields at Waveny Park, and I almost lost my shoes a couple of times. Mission accomplished. 5 mile run and another 45 minutes on the spin bike.

Summary: Did I mention that consistent training leads to improvement?

  • Since I started my second training block 11 weeks ago, following time off after hernia surgery and to heal from a metatarsal stress reaction, I’ve built a good foundation with 110 miles on trails (no workouts yet). I warm up before, and stretch after, every run to work on flexibility, mobility, and strength.
  • For the past 6 weeks, I extend my Sunday aerobic training by spinning on my bike.
  • In addition, I’ve completed 22 core and strength sessions (each about 2 hours) comprised of various exercises for the entire kinetic chain using body weight exercises, free weights, kettlebells, Swiss ball, medicine ball, resistance bands, etc.
  • Finally, I’m following several important principles for distance runners to stay healthy and have fun. These include “Easy Days Easy” and the “10% Rule”.

Thank you.

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