Stress Reaction Injury in Aircast Boot

Training Recap #10 as of Apr 7, 2019

Training recap #10 covers two weeks from March 25 to April 7, 2019. During the previous training session #9, I ran 30 miles on 9 days.

Training Period #10 Goals

During training sessions #8 and #9, I ran 33 miles and 35 miles, respectively, missing my goals of 40 miles for each session (20 miles per week). Finishing session #9 with a 20-mile week, my goal was to kickoff session #10 with another 20-mile week, for back-to-back 20-mile weeks. In addition, my other goals included increasing to 4 strides after my Tuesday run, cross-training on the spin bike after the Sunday long-run, and incorporating 2 core and strength workouts each week.

It was not to be. Huge frustration. I crashed and burned during my Sunday long run. And I had to take another injury timeout the second week. Read on.

Week 1: Feeling Good Except When It Mattered

  • Goal was to run 20 miles on 6 days, and everything was going well…
  • Monday was off. Tuesday I ran 3 miles on the Waveny trails, followed by 4 x 100 meter strides on grass in sub-20. Wednesday I ran another 3 miles on the trails.
  • I pushed the pace a little on Thursday and Friday, with 2 miles in 15:00 and 3 miles in 21:30 (7:30 pace), both on trails.
  • Another 3 miles on Saturday, and I was feeling good, both mentally and physically, and looking forward to my Sunday long run. The plan was to run 6 miles on Sunday to reach 20 miles for the week, and I was considering extending to 8 miles if I felt comfortable during the run.
  • I started my Sunday run conservatively and ran by feel, not checking my Garmin GPS watch for pace, but settling into a pace that I could sustain for 6-8 miles. After passing the 4-mile mark, and with less than 2 miles to complete 20 miles for the week, I felt a sharp pain in my 2nd or 3rd metatarsal on my right foot. BOOM! I stopped. The realization and devastation that I may have re-injured my stress reaction was crushing me. I walked back to the car.

Week 2: Nada. Nothing. Zero.

  • Monday was a day off from running. On Tuesday I felt the pain in my metatarsals while walking. There was little improvement on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • I retrieved my Aircast boot from the closet (last wore it in 20012!), put it on my foot and leg, decided to shut down my running, and book an appointment with ONS Orthopaedic Neurosurgery Specialists in Greenwich, Connecticut for Monday. I will post an update following the medical assessment and treatment recommendations.
  • Although I did not run this week, I continued my foundational training to ensure that I maintained my fitness, strength and mobility until my injury healed and I was ready to resume running again. Total of 2:05 hours on the spin bike on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at high intensity. 2 core and strength workouts. Stretching.

In Search of Answers

  • Over the past 16 weeks, I ramped up slowly following my hernia surgery and stress reaction, and completed about 200 miles. Not sure what happened, why it happened, or what I should’ve done different. Time to reflect and respond to this latest set-back.
  • Running for me is a lifestyle and a way of being, and is helping me through the painful journey of separation, divorce, healing, and rediscovery. Not to be able to run is more than devastating, it creates huge depression, stress and anxiety during a time when I am focused on healing. I am in search of answers…


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