Waveny Park 8 mile run on April 28, 2019

Training Recap #12 as of May 5, 2019

Training recap #12 covers two weeks from April 22 to May 5, 2019. During the previous training session #11, I ran 21 miles on 6 days in the 2nd week after a negative MRI enabled me to resume training.

Training Period #12 Goals

Continue building the foundation following last week’s 21 miles. Slowly increase mileage volume and quality. Add strides twice a week, and a workout once a week. Extend my Sunday long run. Work on strength and mobility.

Week 1: Level Up

  • This was a really awesome week. Ran 25 miles on 6 days (Monday off).
  • On Tuesday, I crushed a 3 mile tempo run on the Waveny trails in 22:25 (7:28 pace), followed by strides on grass.
  • The first workout was on Friday after work, and comprised a 2 mile warmup, and 4x 300 m hill repeats with a 300 m jog back to the start. The hill has about a 9% grade, and I ran these in 6:30 to 7:00 mile pace.
  • Finished a solid week with an 8 mile long run on Sunday in Waveny Park. Time was 64:40 (8:05 pace). Followed with strides on grass.
  • I completed two strength and core workouts, but skipped my spin bike cross training on Sunday. I was simply too tired from my long run.

Week 2: Consistency is Key

  • Slightly lower mileage week. Ran 20 miles on 4 days.
  • Staying healthy is critical to consistent training and improvement. Can’t overemphasize this concept. This week I was reminded that even minor injuries can interrupt training. My left knee felt inflamed and painful, probably from the Monday strength and core workout.
  • Running on Tuesday and Wednesday was painful, and I could not push off on my left leg. Skipped the tempo run, and gritted through my strides.
  • Although I could’ve continued running through my knee injury, I did not want to risk my workout and long run, so I rested Thursday and Friday.
  • I completed my second workout on Saturday (instead of Friday), comprising a 3-mile warmup in Waveny Park, and 5x 1000 m on the adjacent high school track. The workout was structured as an aerobic threshold workout, with 5 repeats of 1000 m each followed by a 200 m walk back to the start (3 minutes active recovery). Repeats in 4:21, 4:21, 4:19, 4:19, 4:11 (equivalent pace from 7:00 to 6:43). Totally stoked!
  • Like last week, closed out the week with an 8-mile Sunday long run, followed with strides on grass. The run was more of a challenge than I anticipated, because I was not recovered from the previous day’s track workout, and the weather was miserable with wind, rain and cold temperatures.

45 Miles in 2 Weeks

  • My best 2-week training session since fall 2018. 45 miles on 10 days of running. Hill workout and aerobic threshold workout. Long runs totaling 16 miles. And, important, done all the little things to improve strength, mobility, speed, and stay healthy.
  • Achieved my goals for the 2-week period, and my confidence level is going up.


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