Globemaster Allium flower, Waveny Park, May 2019

Training Recap #13 as of May 19, 2019

Training recap #13 covers two weeks from May 6 to May 19, 2019. During the previous training session #12, I ran 45 miles on 10 days.

Training Period #13 Goals

Continue building training volume and quality. Goal is to run 50 miles during this session. Focus on the “little things” like warmups and cooldowns, strides, stretching, strength and mobility workouts, to stay healthy and ensure consistent training. Be mentally focused on the goals and workouts to do the best each session.

Week 1: Best. Quality. Week.

  • Another really awesome week with 25 miles on 6 days. And improved quality.
  • On Tuesday, I ran a 3-mile tempo run on the Waveny trails in 22:29 (7:30 mile pace). For the last 2 miles, I averaged about 7:15 pace. Followed by strides on grass. Once home and showered, I completed a 2-hour strength and mobility workout. Crashed early.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday, I ran 3 miles and 5 miles, respectively, on the trails.
  • Friday evening, after an exhausting work-week, I ran a killer workout. Warmed up with 3 miles. My plan was to complete an aerobic threshold workout comprising 8x 400 meters on the track with short 90 seconds recovery between reps. Target splits were 1:40 (yep, not impressive, but haven’t done a 400-workout in more than 6 months, and wanted to make sure I could do all 8 reps). Ran the first rep in 1:42, then 1:39, with the next 5 in 95, and the final rep in 92.
  • Saturday was an easy 3.5 mile recovery run, followed by a 2nd strength and mobility workout. So far so good.
  • The planned 8-mile long run on Sunday did not happen. I failed this part of my goal. The prior 2 weeks, I completed an 8-mile long run on Sunday. This Sunday the cumulative effect of Tuesday’s tempo run, Friday’s track workout, and Tuesday’s and Saturday’s strength workouts, combined with Sunday’s crappy rain and 40F temperatures, was too much for my mind to override my body. I was hurting and ran 5 miles, plus strides.

Week 2: Rinse and Repeat

  • Other than a business dinner in New York City reducing my training days from 6 to 5 days, this was another great running week with 22 miles “in the bank.”
  • On Wednesday, I ran 3 miles in Waveny Park, and jumped on the high school track for 2x 200 meters with a 200 jog at 80% effort (not racing). Splits were 43 and 44 (sub-6 minute pace). Long way to go (November 2018: ran 10x 200 w/ 200 jog in average 40).
  • Going forward, I plan to run hard on Tuesday’s followed either by 200’s on the track or strides on grass to focus on neuromuscular response, form and speed when somewhat tired.
  • On Thursday, I ran an easy 5 miles on the trails.
  • My Friday evening workout comprised another hill workout. After a 2-mile warmup, I ran 4x 300 meter hill repeats with a 300 m jog back to the start. Since my last hill workout 3 weeks ago, my splits improved an average of 2 seconds per repeat.
  • Like last week, so far so good. Unfortunately, just like last week, the planned Sunday long run was another bust. After a medium-hard, 4-mile effort on Saturday, I had to reduce the 8-mile Sunday run to 5 miles, followed by strides.

47 Miles in 2 Weeks

  • Although I failed to complete the planned long run on both Sundays, overall I achieved my goals of increasing volume and quality. 47 miles and 4 quality workouts. Tempo run, hill repeats, 200’s and 400’s on the track. In addition, 3 strength and mobility workouts. No cross-training on the spin bike.
  • I will have to plan the next 2 weeks better and prioritize the Sunday long run to meet my short-term mileage goals, and my longer-term marathon and ultra-marathon goals.
  • Most important is the healing that running brings to me – integrated into a holistic lifestyle that focuses on my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being – and helps me recover from separation and divorce. My journey began June 9, 2018 and although I’m approaching the one year anniversary of my separation after 18 years of marriage, I have a tall mountain left to climb. There are many dark days filled with depression, stress and anxiety. I am grateful for every day that I am able to run and heal.


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