8 mile run, Waveny Park, June 2, 2019

Training Recap #14 as of June 2, 2019

Training recap #14 covers two weeks from May 20 to June 2, 2019. During the previous training session #13, I ran 47 miles on 11 days.

Training Period #14 Goals

Build on training sessions #12 (45 miles) and #13 (47 miles) by consistently incorporating an 8-mile Sunday long run, and gradually increasing to 30 miles per week on 6 days. In addition, increasing the weekly anaerobic threshold (AT) workout to 3 miles of volume (e.g., 12x 400 or 5x 1000).

Week 1: Depression Puts Damper on Training

  • Looking at the glass is half full, this training week marks an improvement compared to the previous weeks. I completed 26 miles on 6 days. Emotionally and mentally it was a struggle as I continue to process my divorce, and I miss my 17-year old son. I’ve been separated for a year, and divorced for 6 months, and this will take a while to process. No light at the end of the tunnel.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, I ran 4.25 miles each day at a tempo pace (7:30’ish on trails). Tuesday’s mileage included 3x 200 meters on the track, with a 200 jog between repeats. The 200 splits were 41, 41, 41.
  • On Thursday, with the weekend approaching, I was not in a good place emotionally. I drove to Waveny Park and ran an easy 4 miles. I was just happy to run on the trails.
  • For Friday, I planned to repeat the 5x 1000 meter workout from May 4, and as I warmed up with a 3-mile run, I realized that I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I postponed the workout to the weekend.
  • On Saturday morning, I decided to flip the track workout and long run, so attempted the long run on Saturday afternoon, and postponed the track workout to Sunday. I managed to complete 6 trail miles in 47 minutes, which was my longest long run in 3 weeks. Progress!
  • I paid the price on Sunday. The first of my 1000 meter repeats was 4:01, a 20-second improvement from the opening 1000 repeat the last time I ran this workout. I lengthened my planned 3 minute active recovery to 4 minutes. Didn’t help. To make a long story short, I “salvaged” somewhat of a workout with two sets of 1000’s and 400’s in 4:01, 96 and 4:09, 88.

Week 2: Weather as a Factor…But All Ended Well

  • Similar to training session #13, mileage during my 2nd week was lower, this time weather played a significant factor. I ran 22 miles on only 4 days.
  • Normally, Mondays are rest days, but with this Monday being Memorial Day, and the gorgeous weather, I was ready to run. Wanting to bounce back from last week’s struggles was additional motivation. I ran a solid 3 miles, and finished with 3x 200 on the track with a 200 jog between repeats. My splits were 39, 38, 36. A little more respectable.
  • Tuesday was my rest day, not knowing what was lurking ahead. Unfortunately, Wednesday and Thursday were washed out. Literally. On both days, the heavens opened, and the Waveny Park trails turned to raging rivers and the grass fields to giant lakes. The thunder and lightning sealed the deal. I was not running.
  • Too tired, I ate a healthy, home-made dinner of chicken, shrimp and vegetables stir-fry, and crashed early both nights. I was looking forward to Friday’s 400 meter workout.
  • Another solid 3-mile warmup on Friday. Going into the workout, my emotional state was improved from last week, and I was able to mentally focus and visualize the workout. My goal was to increase the volume from 8x 400 meters (2 miles) on May 10 to 12x 400 meters (3 miles) today. To do that, I had to control my pace early in the anaerobic threshold (AT) workout, so with short 90-second rest, it didn’t become an anaerobic workout!
  • The opening 400 felt comfortable. Each successive 400 was faster, and through about half the workout, I accepted that I may not complete all 12 repeats. After 8 repeats, I felt I could do a couple more, but ended the workout stoked with what I had just done, and knowing I was hungry to do more (next time). My splits were 94, 94, 93, 92, 91, 91, 90, 87. Check out my deeper dive analysis here.
  • On Saturday I ran an easy 5 miles, and couldn’t wait for Sunday to roll around.
  • Finally, after failing to complete the planned 8-mile Sunday long runs for 3 consecutive weeks, I am back with a successful 8-mile run in 63:26. As I’ve written a few times, the key was to control the pace from the first mile, and not run it like a 3 mile tempo. Great way to end training session #14.

Inching Closer to 50 Miles

  • Overall making progress with 48 miles on 10 days running. That’s almost 5 miles per day. Without the rain outs, I would’ve surpassed 50 miles.
  • I completed anaerobic threshold workouts both weeks, and speed workouts both weeks. Each week I finished with 6-mile and 8-mile long runs, respectively. That’s the good.
  • Unfortunately, I only worked on strength and mobility once each week. No strides. No cross training on the spin bike. That’s the not so good that I will focus on again (it’s the little things that keep me healthy and injury-free).
  • The progress and improvement has helped me reach a better place emotionally and mentally than a couple of weeks ago. Let’s make this another good 2-week training session coming up!


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