Track Workout, June 2019


Training recap #15 covers two weeks from June 2 to June 16, 2019. During the previous training session #14, I ran 48 miles on 10 days.

Training Period #15 Goals

Continue building the foundation for endurance, strength and speed. As I’m increasing both training volume and intensity, and with warmer weather increasing physiological stress, I will focus even more on staying healthy with strength and mobility workouts, sleep, nutrition, and hydration. Remember running is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle!

Week 1: 30 Mile Week!!!

  • The week started off with a bang with my first race in many, many years (I wrote about the experience, and what the milestone on my journey means to me, here). I approached the race in the Waveny Summer XC series more like a progression tempo run, and followed with 4x 200 meters with 200 meters jog on the track. The race went well, and although the 23:03 result was solid, I was most happy with the progression (splits 7:49, 7:10, 7:03).
  • On Wednesday, I ran a 3-mile recovery run in Waveny Park, followed by another easy 4 miles with strides in the park on Thursday.
  • For Friday, I planned a challenging hill repeat workout, but I felt tired from Tuesday’s XC race and 200’s, and postponed the hill workout to Saturday. I ran another easy 3 miles on Friday evening.
  • I was pumped for the workout on Saturday, and probably ran the 3-mile warmup on the Waveny trails a little too fast in the heat. Time was 23:20. 3 weeks earlier, I ran 4x 300 meter hills with 300 meter jog back to the bottom. Today, I crushed the workout running 7x 300 and lowered my average split! I showered, stretched and crashed in bed for a couple of hours.
  • I paid the piper on Sunday. A week ago, I ran the 8-mile Sunday long run in sub-8 minute pace. Today, the motivation and confidence was high, but the body wouldn’t cooperate. After 4 miles, I stopped and walked 1/2 mile back to the car. Realizing that once again I would fall short of my 30-mile goal this week, I became frustrated and reset mentally. I ran another 4 miles for a combined 8 miles. Not pretty, but goal accomplished.

Week 2: Switching Things Up

  • I reflected on last week, and concluded that Tuesday’s Waveny XC race and 200’s, combined with Saturday’s hill repeats, and 2 strength and mobility workouts during the week, was probably too much if I wanted to have something left in the tank for Sunday’s long run. Given the importance of the long run, I had to switch things up this week.
  • I also reminisced about past Waveny XC races, and pulled up old running logs from 5-10 years ago, only to realize that I ran a lot faster back then. To race faster, I have to train faster.
  • I intentionally skipped this week’s Waveny XC race. Instead, I warmed up with an 8-minute mile on the Waveny trails, and transitioned into a 1-mile tempo at 6:30 pace (equivalent to about 6:15 on the roads or track), and then cooled down with another 8-minute mile. Fatigued from the fast mile, I ran 5x 200 meters on the track in about 38 seconds (close to 5-minute mile pace), with 200 meter jog in between reps.
  • Tuesday’s workout was fun, and a confidence booster that I carried into Wednesday’s workout. I ran 4 miles in 30:22 (7:35 mile pace) on Wednesday, closing again in 7:03 for the final mile. If it hadn’t been for “gastrointestinal” problems (too much coffee!), I could’ve let it rip that last mile.
  • Thursday was a planned day off with a company dinner in New York City, which set me up for the track workout on Friday. The goal was 5x 1000 meters with a 3 minute walking recovery, which I ran 6 weeks ago in about 4:20, and 3 weeks ago failed to complete (ran 2 sets 1000 / 400 instead). This Friday, I ran 3x 1000 in 4:08, 4:09 and 4:05, and although I could’ve done one more, I was stoked with the improvement from 3 weeks ago, and focused on Sunday’s long run.
  • Checking the weather forecast for the weekend, I realized Sunday would be a rainy day, and maybe better to go long on Saturday. With Sunday being Father’s Day, and about a year since I started my journey through separation, divorce, healing, and rediscovery, it would also likely be an emotional day for me. Right decision, and I ran a solid 8 miles on Saturday in Waveny Park.
  • On Father’s Day, I ran 5 miles in Waveny Park, including 4x 100 meter strides on grass in 17, 17, 16 and 16 seconds.

Goals Require Consistent Work (Day In, Day Out)

  • 56 miles for the 2-week session. Lots of quality workouts. Really stoked. 60 miles coming up!
  • Consistent training is the key to achieving one’s running goals (same can be said about the importance of consistency in achieving whatever one’s goals may be).
  • I’ve been able to increase mileage volume 50% (from 20 miles to 30 miles per week) over the past 9 weeks, since a negative MRI confirmed that I did not suffer another metatarsal stress reaction. Concurrently, I’ve added tempo and progression runs, anaerobic threshold workouts, and speed development workouts. And my strength and mobility workouts are showing gains.
  • To recap, I ran 48 out of 54 planned days (90%), and of the 6 days I missed only 2 were related to potential injuries (knee discomfort, and took couple days off). The other missed days were work or weather-related.


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