Waveny Park, New Canaan, Fall 2019

Training Recap #20 as of Oct 20, 2019

Training recap #20 covers four weeks from September 23 to October 20, 2019. During the previous 2-week training session #19, I ran 30.5 miles on 9 days.

Training Period #20 Goals

Since my first run on August 31, 2019, following an 8-week period to heal my plantar fasciitis, my singular goal has been, and will continue to be, to rebuild my foundation (aerobic, strength, speed, mobility, etc.).

Week 1: Breakdown at Waveny Park

  • My 2003 Ford Explorer with 118,000 miles decided to quit as I pulled in the Waveny parking lot on Sunday, September 29. It literally died. I knew that the stress and anxiety of having to replace the trusted Ford Explorer with a new car (and necessary financing) would be top of mind during my planned Sunday long run.
  • After 3 miles, I headed back to the parking lot. I was able to re-start the car and with a couple interruptions drive home.
  • After cajoling the broken car back home, I “destressed” with an extended strength and core workout.
  • Although my weekly goal was 25 miles, under the circumstances I was happy to complete my 2nd consecutive week of 19 miles on 6 days.

Week 2: New Wheels

  • On Monday, I spent the day at the Stamford Ford car dealership, and bought a 2019 Ford Edge SEL cross-over in metallic dark blue. Wow – how the onboard electronics have changed since my 2003 Ford Explorer! It will take me a while to learn all the cool, new technology.
  • I celebrated the new wheels with a 5-mile run on the Waveny trails in 40:58. Great start to the week.
  • On Saturday, I felt good during my run and completed 6 miles on the trails in 48:36. Although overall pace wasn’t important, I focused on running controlled and slowly picking up the pace (progression run).
  • After a shower, I continued with an extended strength and core workout.
  • Unfortunately, on Sunday I struggled mentally and only ran 3 miles.
  • For the week, I ran 20 miles on 5 days (so higher “density” – or average runs – than the 2 prior weeks).

Week 3: Disappointed in Myself

  • Not a great week, and disappointed in myself. Spoiler alert: I only ran 15 miles on 3 days, and didn’t complete a strength and core session.
  • What happened, you ask? We had executive business meetings in the middle of the week, and I should’ve anticipated – and planned for – business dinners. Instead of running Monday evening after work (usually my day off from running), I took the day off.
  • To make matters worse, I arrived home late on Tuesday evening, and although I was prepared to run with a headlamp in the dark, the torrential downpour and cold temperatures meant Waveny Park would be flooded. And I did not want to become sick just as I was recovering from the plantar fasciitis injury. So I took another day off.
  • Surprise, surprise. Wednesday and Thursday were blocked with business dinners, so the first day I ran this week was Friday.
  • Over the 3-day period, I ran 5 miles, 4.25 miles, and 6 miles.

Week 4: Freaking About Time!

  • On Monday, I was packing and leaving for a business trip to Las Vegas to attend a Robotic Process Automation conference. It was an awesome event and full of learning and exploring future possibilities of how disruptive technology will change the way we work, live and play.
  • It also meant for the 2nd week in a row, business events superseded my running and training. This time I did anticipate, but, unfortunately, was not able to plan around the travel and conference.
  • I arrived home at 3 am on Thursday, and that same afternoon I ran a slow 5 miles at Waveny Park. Most of the run was in the dark, and I didn’t bring my headlamp.
  • On Friday, I came prepared and ran 3 miles in the dark with my headlamp. I pushed the pace a little bit, and my splits were 8:29, 7:49 and 7:39 on the dark trails.
  • This weekend, I planned a longer run, and I wasn’t anal about whether it was on Saturday or Sunday. I controlled the pace on my Saturday run, and once at 5 miles decided to go for 10 miles. Felt confident and negative split miles 6-10 compared to miles 1-5. Added a strength and core session when I arrived home, which made for a physically exhausting day.
  • Mentally I was pumped on Sunday to go long again, but my body didn’t want to cooperate and I felt tired and ran 5 miles.
  • Further progress this week with 23 miles on 4 days (so again, higher density), with my longest run since the plantar fasciitis injury.
  • For the four weeks, I ran 77 miles on 18 days of running.

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