How I rehabbed plantar fasciitis thumbnail as a runner

How I rehabbed plantar fasciitis as a runner

Plantar fasciitis can be a runner’s worst nightmare. It’s one of the most painful and debilitating overuse injuries that afflict runners. Last summer, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, and I am sharing my journey rehabbing from the injury and what changes I made. Most important, I reflect on what I learned from my injury. Incorporating these changes and lessons learned have enabled me to run more than 1,700 miles over the past 12 months without any injuries.

I am 20 days out from my first ultramarathon, the Yeti 100 mile endurance race in Damascus, Virginia and feeling excited, a little anxious, and – importantly – healthy!

I started a YouTube channel to share my journey and complement what I post here. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thank you for your support!

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