Dress Rehearsal for My First Ultramarathon

My first ultramarathon, the Yeti 100 mile endurance run, is quickly approaching. With about 2 weeks to go, it’s time for my final dress rehearsal.

Before a major race, it’s important to “run” through a dress rehearsal (or two) to finalize race strategy and planning. This includes visualizing the race and thinking through racing and pacing, clothing and shoes, gear, nutrition and hydration, aid stations and breaks, and so on. It should also include thinking about potential risks that may impact our ability to complete the race and achieve our goals, and how to manage these risks.

After our dress rehearsal, it’s time to taper and ensure we’re ready to race! I wanted to run 25-milers on two consecutive Sundays for my dress rehearsals. For reasons that I share in the video, that didn’t happen.

What I did run are a 23-miler on Sunday, August 30, 2020 and a 15-miler on Sunday, September 6, 2020. I learned a few things that – had I NOT done the dress rehearsals – could’ve created major issues for me on race day. We’ve all invested too much in our training to go into a major race without this last important step in our process. Do the dress rehearsal!

Check out my YouTube training video, and please like and subscribe! Thank you!

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